Searching for a Sugar Mummy? What you need to know about Sugar Mummy Dating

Searching for a Sugar Mummy? What you need to know about Sugar Mummy Dating  

How Sugar Mummy dating works

How Sugar Mama Dating Works

Looking for a Sugar Mama? If you’re considering dating a sugar mummy here are 5 things you should know first.

Sugar Mummy dating is mostly a mutually beneficial agreement where you get to enjoy the finer things in life: whats not to like? But balancing out the cash and gifts, there are considerable downsides and without being judgmental.

Here are the five things you need to know before you continue hunting for your sugar mummy;

1.  There’s a social stigma attached to sugar daddies:

It should come as no surprise that some people might find your relationship a bit unusual, even distasteful. Age-gap relationships always attract attention (often unfairly) but the negative connatations attched to those that appear transactional are multiplied. If you’ve got a thick skin, great; if not, you might want to think again.

2.  Don’t entirely depend on them:

In many ways sugar relationships are just like any other. They have their ups and downs, and they often come to an end, just like ‘normal’ relationships. Don’t assume it will last forever, or even for very long, and always have some cash put away for a rainy day. If you get dumped, all the nice clothes and trinkets in the world won’t keep a roof over your head. Make sure you’re never completely dependent on one person.

3.  You will have to put your life on hold:

The whole point of sugar relationships is that both parties know exactly what’s involved and that marriage and children aren’t part of the picture. We’re not saying you can’t have fun in your 20s, 30s or 40s, and look for love in your 50s, 60s or 70s but be honest with yourself about what you really want in life. 

4.  You need to be ok with being ‘bought’:

Maybe he or she loves you, and maybe your relationship will turn into something deeper. But likelihood is your sugar mummy will like to buy you nice things in return for you being nice to them. It’s up to you to determine what your level of ‘nice’ is but be prepared to set your own boundaries. Think also about the emotional effects: if the relationship is going to be ***ual, how comfortable are you with knowing you’re not doing this for the usual reasons of attraction and compatibility? Be prepared to have moments of feeling bought. It’s up to you how you deal with that.

5.  Everyone’s expectations are different:

If you really think this is the kind of relationship you want to pursue, make sure you enter it knowing exactly what you want. Every sugar mummy’s expectations are different and you need to be sure you’re clear what kind of partnership you’re comfortable with. If it all seems to much and you begin to resent the emotional toll, just stop.

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